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PAPERS: Euphoria Cones Kingsize Slim + Filters - display pack of 30 units x 3 cones


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Crafted from 100% wood fibers, EUPHORIA rolling papers ensure a slow, even burn for a consistently smooth smoking experience.

  •         Made from high-quality materials, ensuring a slow and even burn for a smooth smoke.
  •         Meticulously crafted to be thin and lightweight, preserving the full flavor without any added taste or residue.
  •         Perfect for everyday use, our papers are the ultimate choice for quality and craftsmanship.

Our papers are more than just exceptional in functionality; they are a stylish addition to any smoking ritual. The thin and lightweight design preserves full flavor without any residue. Secure your supply now and offer your customers this premium choice for their everyday smoking needs.

  • 3 accurately sized cones with perfect tips in a unit
  • 30 units per display box
Code: 952-1-30
EAN: 8594196136800
Brutto weight: 300 g / pc